Donation conditions


By making an order or donation on the internet portal, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms of the Distance Agreement. By making an order or donation, you enter into a Distance Agreement with the Association "Charity Mission Food for Life".

Distance Agreement

The agreement is concluded between the owner of the internet portal, the Association “Charity Mission Food for Life”, Reg. No: 40008005241, legal address: Kr.Barona Street 56, Riga, LV-1011 (hereinafter -, or Donation recipient, Seller, Supplier) and the Buyer or Donor who makes an order or donation or makes purchase on the Internet portal The distance agreement applies to all orders, purchases and donations made on the Internet portal

Distance Agreement. Regulations

Distance agreement - it is an agreement between the Customer (Consumer) (Article 1, Clause 3, 33PTAL) and the Seller. (Article 1, Paragraph 5, 33 PTAL) or service provider (Article 1, Paragraph 4, 33PTAL), or Donors and Donation Recipients, based on the offers of the Seller or the Service or the Donation Recipient, with an addressed or unaddressed printed edition, a standard letter, a catalog, advertisements in the press in which a coupon is attached to the order, telephone, fax, Internet, e-mail, television, radio and other sources of information.


1.1. The distance agreement enters into force as soon as the Customer (Consumer) or Donor has placed an order or donation, via the Internet, telephone or other means and has received confirmation of the order or donation from the Seller or Donor via e-mail. The Order and Order Confirmation or Donation and Donation Confirmation are considered received when it is accessible to both parties.

1.2. By concluding the distance contract, the Customer confirms that he is capable and is not under the influence of alcohol, narcotic and /or psychotropic substances.

1.3. The Agreement (including the General Terms and Conditions, in the same wording in which they are published on the website at the time of the request) shall enter into force from the moment when the Customer or Donor accepted on the website Terms of the agreement and made a purchase or donation.

1.4. By concluding the Agreement, the Customer consents to the wish to purchase the product or to donate in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement, as well as confirms that the Customer or the Donor has fully read the General Terms and Conditions of the Agreement and agrees with them.


2.1. According to the given agreement, the association "Charity Mission Food for Life" undertakes to deliver the ordered product to the buyer or to use donations for the purchase of food products, but the buyer undertakes to accept and pay for the ordered product, depending on the chosen type of delivery.

2.2. Within the framework of this agreement, the product is ordered or donation takes place only through the Internet portal, filling in all the necessary fields and clicking the “order” or “donate” button. Ordering the Product or Donating on the website is considered as the Buyer's or Donor's consent to the Distance Agreement. By concluding a distance contract, the customer agrees to the terms of delivery of the ordered product, as well as to purchase the product for the specified product. If the order or donation is made correctly, a message will appear stating that the order or donation was accepted.

2.3. After the end of the purchase or donation process, the Buyer or Donor will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of the order or donation, which confirms the order or donation on the Internet portal

2.4. If the Buyer or Donor has not received the automatic donation confirmation from, then has not accepted the Buyer's or Donor's offer, has not joined the Distance Agreement and is not forced to fulfill the Buyer's or Donor's donation. In this case, the  Buyer or Donor needs to make sure that he has made the order or donation in accordance with the requirements of and has indicated the correct e-mail address.


3.1. The Seller or the Recipient of Donations undertook to fulfill the terms of the distance contract no later than 10 days after receiving the order or donation from the Buyer or Donor, unless the parties have agreed on another term.

3.2 The ordered product and the selected delivery service can be paid for using a bank transfer or leasing company, it
is also possible to pay in cash or with a payment card upon receipt of the product.

3.3 When placing an order or donation, it is necessary to provide an e-mail address so that the necessary documentation can be sent to the client.


4.1 The Seller or the Service Provider or the Recipient of the Donation shall ensure that the Consumer or the Donor, when making an order or donation, provides a clear confirmation that the order or donation includes an obligation to make payment. If, when placing an order or donation, the consumer or donor has to press a button or perform a similar action, this shall be indicated in an easily comprehensible manner by the words "order with obligation to pay" or "donation with obligation to pay" or by using another similar clear indication of the consumer or donor obligation to pay. If the seller or service provider or the Recipient of Donations does not comply with the provisions of this paragraph, the contract or order shall not be binding on the Consumer or the Donor.

4.2 It is necessary to receive the ordered product within five working days from the moment when announced that the order is ready for receipt.


5.1 In the event that the Recipient of the Donation does not use the Donation in accordance with the purpose specified in this Agreement or otherwise violates this Agreement, the Donor has the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement, as well as request and receive the full amount of the Donation from the Recipient. The Beneficiary is obliged to repay the financing granted to the Donor within 7 (seven) working days from the date of receipt of the Donor's written request, including it in the Donor's current account.

5.2. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia, the Consumer is entitled to exercise the right of return and unilaterally terminate the distance contract, and return the product to the Seller within 14 calendar days. Within 14 days from the receipt of the goods, the Buyer is entitled to return or exchange the unused goods. The returned product must not be used, damaged, must be in the original packaging, with undamaged markings, without visual and technical defects;

5.3. The consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality of the product during the realisation of the right of withdrawal;

5.4. When returning the product, the buyer must present a document confirming this purchase. The consumer can return the product within 14 calendar days. If the Consumer wants to return a product that does not comply with the provisions of the distance contract, then, in accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia № 631, the Consumer needs to fill in the return form and return the product in full;

5.5. has the right to refuse to accept the returned product and not to return the money if the product was found to have the characteristics mentioned above.

5.6. All cases of the buyer's return must be notified in writing to, indicating the order number, name and surname;
5.6.1. The buyer is obliged to immediately notify about the defect of the goods, but not later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the order;

5.7 Product return procedure:

5.7.1. It is necessary to fill in the return form (you can get acquainted with the return form, download and print HERE);

5.7.2. Attach a document confirming the purchase (printout from the Internet bank);

5.7.3. The product in the original, undamaged packaging must be delivered or sent to the address;
* When returning or changing the product, the risk of transport is borne by the buyer.

* When refusing the product, the money for transportation is not returned._

5.8. The Association “Charity Mission Food for Life”reviews the application and, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, sends you a written answer within 10 working days;

5.9. The Association “Charity Mission Food for Life” undertook to return the full value of the goods with one bank transfer to the buyer's bank account no later than within 30 calendar days from the day when the consumer / buyer sent a written refusal;


6.1. Warranty
The Internet portal offers a manufacturer's warranty on all products. The guarantee is valid upon presentation of a check issued by The warranty does not apply in cases where the defect has occurred due to improper use and care. In case of doubt, please write to customer support at;

6.2. Prices

All prices for goods are indicated in Euros together with value added tax (VAT 21%). Delivery of the goods to the Buyer is not included in the price; All donations are tax free.

6.3. Placing and order

6.3.1. The buyer can place an order in Latvian, English or Russian;

6.3.2. The buyer can buy any product on the Internet portal, ordering it on the website or by phone 67272490, or by e-mail;

6.4. Order execution

6.4.1. For a product that is in stock, the order execution term is 3-5 days;

6.4.2. All goods in the internet portal are in stock, those goods that are not in stock are marked “out of stock”, and technically it is not possible to design such a product.
6.4.3. Each item is visible, whether it is in stock and in what quantity. However, if the goods are out of stock and not in stock, we will inform the buyer within 24 hours and return the money within three working days.

6.5. Promotional goods

6.5.1. Promotion - an event organized by the Seller, aimed at the realization of a product / service with a discount offered by the Seller;
6.5.2. Prepayment is required for the product purchased in the "Promotions" section;


7.1. The Customer confirms that there will be no claims on the part of the Customer during the term of the Agreement for the use of information provided by the Customer during registration. Even for the use of e-mail, advertising materials, news and other information. The Client does not object to receiving such information; The Customer is entitled to refuse to receive the information, following the indication located at the end of the e-mail sent to to the Buyer's e-mail address;

7.2. The operation of the Agreement and its validity shall continue until its full use. In the event of termination of the Agreement, the provisions for the examination of ambiguities, as well as other provisions governed by the obligations of the Parties after termination of the Agreement shall remain in force;

7.3. To detect and correct errors, enter information: Any errors that were found after a pre-order, the Buyer can correct by contacting us by phone 67272490; or email