Empowered by Diversity was a youth exchange project with youth organisations from Mediterranean countries, Central European countries and Western European countries and North European countries, with similar goals and needs, but with different experience with youth work and EU projects. 

Bringing different cultures together enriches our lives, provides new opportunities and teaches us how to become one. With this project we wanted to proactively promote and cultivate the idea of unity in diversity, inclusion and empowerment, and develop respect, mutual appreciation of different cultures, and by learning about different cultures and more about Erasmus+ opportunities for youth also getting new ideas of how to transform our talents into entrepreneurship opportunities.

On EU website it says: “It signifies how Europeans have come together, in the form of the EU, to work for peace and prosperity, while at the same time being enriched by the continent’s many different cultures, traditions and languages.”

We believe that we need space to grow and exercise diversity and this youth exchange was a perfect place to do it. We wanted to explore this during “Empowered by Diversity” youth exchange project which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 13th August 2019 to 19th August 2019, and empowered 44 young people from Latvia, Spain, Slovenia, Germany and Netherlands.

The aim of the project was for us as youth to learn together about differences and to become more motivated to live in unity with people from different backgrounds, countries, speaking different languages, with different colour of skin, opinions.

Project objectives were:

  1. to actively promote the idea of unity in diversity, inclusion and empowerment
  2.  to offer new ideas for entrepreneurship and foster skills and competencies within the participants which will promote entrepreneurial attitudes and be relevant for and enhance job opportunities.
  3. to promote Erasmus+ opportunities for youth, the voluntary idea and Youthpass.
  4. to develop social and leadership skills of the youth and promote social inclusion and active participation in the society.
  5. to provide youth with intercultural experience and create appreciation, tolerance and awareness of different culture.

As one of the long-term benefits the youth wanted to spread this message of Empowered by Diversity in their circles and create a much needed wave of positivity in the world.Also their social and leadership skills improved, as well as their self-awareness and self-assurance. They formed some long-lasting friendships with other participants.

By actively participating during all phases of the project the participants gained new skills, knowledge, and attitudes on unity, health, personal progress and creativity to use in their everyday life, they became motivated to be more active in their local community, using skills and ideas gained during the exchange.